AAIS Pulse Sessions

AAIS Pulse brings you informative discussions on what matters most to today’s insurance leaders.

From reinsurance and regulation to modern data and technology solutions, there is something for every risk and insurance professional at AAIS Pulse.

Each segment brings together renowned industry executives to provide thoughtful, up-to-the-minute insights and commentary.

Sessions are described below. 

Exploring Fundamental Shifts in the Reinsurance Market

Guest Speakers
Andy Marcell (CEO, Aon Reinsurance Solutions)

Frank Nutter (President, Reinsurance Association of America)

Hosted by Ed Kelly (President & CEO, AAIS)

Insurance carriers are still dealing with the fallout from the most challenging reinsurance market in a generation, where there was a significant fundamental pivot in pricing and risk appetite, especially for property catastrophe risk. Join us for a discussion with Andy Marcell, CEO of Aon Reinsurance Solutions, and Frank Nutter, President of Reinsurance Association of America (RAA), as they share insights on what caused such dramatic changes across the industry, the government reaction, and how carriers can prepare themselves for success moving forward during this challenging time.

Commissioner's Corner: Catching Up With National & State Insurance Regulators

Guest Speakers
Andrew N. Mais (Commissioner, Connecticut Insurance Department & NAIC President-Elect)

Jon Godfread (Insurance Commissioner, State of North Dakota & NAIC Vice President)

Scott A. White (Commissioner of Insurance, Virginia State Corporation Commission's Bureau of Insurance & NAIC Secretary-Treasurer)

Hosted by Lori Dreaver Munn (Director of Compliance and Government Relations)

This special session from the NAIC Spring Meeting will provide viewers with insights from leading regulators, including Andrew N. Mais, Commissioner of the Connecticut Insurance Department & NAIC President-Elect, Jon Godfread, Insurance Commissioner for the State of North Dakota & NAIC Vice President, and Scott A. White, Commissioner of the Virginia State Corporation Commission's Bureau of Insurance & NAIC Secretary-Treasurer. They’ll discuss today’s trending regulatory issues, the initiatives currently underway, and the impact they will have on carriers and the industry in the months and years ahead.

Open-Source Solutions for Today's Insurance Challenges

Guest Speakers
Daniela Barbosa (General Manager of Blockchain and Identity, The Linux Foundation & Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation)

Hart Montgomery (Chief Technology Officer, Hyperledger Foundation)

Hosted by Joan Zerkovich (Senior VP of Operations, AAIS)

Leaders from The Linux Foundation Project and Hyperledger Foundation discuss obstacles to solving data and technology issues across the insurance ecosystem and how other industries have raised their game with an open-source mindset. Join Daniela Barbosa, General Manager of Blockchain and Identity at The Linux Foundation and Executive Director of the Hyperledger Foundation, and Hart Montgomery, CTO at the Hyperledger Foundation to explore what insurance challenges could be addressed in an open-source environment. They will examine how initiatives like openIDL are different from past efforts in the industry and how carriers and other stakeholders get involved in leveraging these technologies to define the future of information-sharing in insurance.