AAIS Pulse Program

AAIS Pulse brings you interactive, insightful segments on the topics that matter to today’s insurance leader. From emerging risk, regulation, technology, modernization, and more….there’s something at AAIS Pulse for every industry professional. Each segment will be led by renowned experts and industry executives, providing thoughtful, up-to-the-minute commentary and insights.

Sessions are described below. All times are Central Standard Time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Open Source is Coming: What Does it Mean for Insurance?9:00 AM
AI and Modern Compliance10:00 AM
Tracking CATs and Taming Risk11:00 AM
Into the Weeds: Cannabis Insurance and the Industry Landscape12:00 PM
Cybercrime – The Online Home Invasion1:00 PM

Open Source is Coming:
What Does it Mean for Insurance?

Recently, the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) became a Linux Foundation organization to accelerate collaboration and innovation in financial services through the adoption of open source software, standards and best practices. “Open source technology is essential to the future of the financial services industry,” said Alejandra Villagra, FINOS chairperson, Citigroup. “…as part of the Linux Foundation, we can leverage a wider network of resources and further accelerate collaboration that delivers technology solutions to common business issues and industry challenges, shaping the future technology landscape.”

So, how could such developments affect risk and insurance? What can insurers learn from other industries adopting open platforms to improve their own ability to build and leverage technology and data? Join AAIS SVP Joan Zerkovich and special guests for a discussion on why open-source development works for the finance industry and how insurance could put open-source principles to work. They will also discuss how the openIDL and its distributed ledger technology could revolutionize insurtech development.


AI and Modern Compliance
The insurance and compliance industry has the potential to be transformed by advances in insurtech, data management and predictive technology…but what does that mean for the work you’re doing today? How can you use the tools available to you now to make your work faster, easier, and smarter?

In this session, we’ll take a critical look at innovation and insurance, and how technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the game for insurers, regulators and compliance professionals.

Tracking CATs and Taming Risk
This year’s hurricane season has been unusually active, and compounded with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, insurers are challenged to plan and prepare to protect their customers against the ‘perfect storm’ of risks.

In this session, AAIS’s VP, Data and Actuarial Services, Phil LeGrone, will share AAIS’s new Risk Awareness Service (RAS) – an interactive and user-friendly service changing the game for insurers staying current on known perils like hurricanes.

RMS’s Senior Product Manager, Model Product Management Jeff Waters will share how RMS is using sophisticated meteorological data and cat modeling. You’ll hear commentary and perspective on the 2020 hurricane season thus far, including any unique aspects and learning, to help insurers plan for the future…and any real-time dangers your customers may face along the way.


Into the Weeds:
Cannabis Insurance and the Industry Landscape

The cannabis market is budding as more states and jurisdictions approve widespread medical and recreational use. What do insurers need to know from a market perspective to cultivate this growing trend?

Weed out the misconceptions and learn more about changing exposures in the cannabis industry, relevant political and legal activity, and how coverage is complicated by federal illegality of marijuana. You’ll hear from Randi Ellias, Partner at Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, Richard Golz, Cannbis and Hemp Risk Consultant at Aon, and AAIS’s Phil Skaggs and Joe Jonas.

The Online Home Invasion

2020 has been a different and difficult year for families, professionals, and employers as the world shelters in place to thwart the spread of COVID-19. With millions of people juggling work, education and family care from home, nefarious cyber security incidents are on the rise. Personal and work computers and mobile devices are being targeted by hackers, causing expensive, painful, and time-consuming cyber threats and exposures during an already stressful time.

In this session, panelists from AAIS, Berkley Re Solutions, and CyberScout will discuss the rise of cyber threats, future predictions, and how carriers can protect their customers from emerging cyber threats.